With these beautiful dresses and tops you will be dressed for any occasion – be it a party night out, or just a dressed up lunch with the girls on the beach. Wearing a Hale Bob piece sets you apart from the crowd!

Designer Daniel Bohbot, started his work in Paris. Immersing himself in the art, music and film of that city Bohbot developed a style and viewpoint that combined pop culture with the world of couture. Then, in 2001, he relocated to LA to launch his clothing brand that would quickly make his clothes must-have fashion for Hollywood’s celebrity clientele and for trend makers worldwide. Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria are
all fans who have come to love the look and experience of Hale Bob.

All of the prints used by Hale Bob are designed and developed at the Hale Bob studios in Los Angeles and are exclusive to the Hale Bob brand and cannot be found anywhere.